Ever-Increasing Life Ministries

Our Leadership

Pastor David A. Cowan & Elect-Lady Linda Cowan

Pastor David A. cowan

Senior Pastor

Pastor David A. Cowan was born on September 15, 1962 to Marvin Sr and Feasie Cowan. He has three (3) sisters and five (5) brothers. He graduated from Capitol Senior High School in 1979 and Baton Rouge Vo-Technical Institute in 1981, where he received his Masonry (brick laying) License. As the Lord spoke to him, told him who to marry, and what to name their first born, it happened; he married Linda Seymore, and has two wonderful children, Gabriel (Endrea) and Tabitha (Steve) and three precious grandchildren: Grace, Lyddia and Adonis. It was then that he had first-hand experience with God and His anointing; therein to springing forth the start of the journey with an outpouring of a mighty anointing upon his life.
Pastor Cowan accepted Christ at the age of thirteen (13), accepted his calling to ministry at the age of eighteen (18), and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues at the age of twenty-four (24). He was licensed to minister on January 29, 1981 and ordained on February 15, 1985. He has been very successful in the areas of:
  • Prophecy-used greatly as a mouthpiece of the Lord to deliver prophetic utterances that surely come to pass. 
  • The Gift of Healings and Miracles - manifestations are wrought forth at the hands of this great servant.
  • The Gift of Faith and has oftentimes operated in all the gifts.
  • An Apostolic Mantle - where he has recognized, cultivated, and sent forth gifts of the Lord to the body of Christ.
Pastor Cowan is the founder and Pastor of Ever-Increasing  Life Ministries and many additional assets to E-ILM, where we strive to live life more abundantly! His heart is to win the lost at any cost, to reach out from this ministry to the nations of the earth unto the glory of God using various media including radio, television, audio, video and books. He is the founder of Feasie Cowan Christian Academy, under the covering of Ever-Increasing Life Ministries, where it hosted its first high school graduation in the first year of operation. Under the covering of E-ILM, he established a league of great connections in the body of Christ called Covenant Keepers International Ministries. He also founded E-ILM School of the Spirit which consists of leadership training and spiritual development. He is a part of an astounding Covenant Brothers Association called Mega Men where men of like-precious faith gather together to focus on developing the total man, empowering men spiritually, physically, and economically. Pastor Cowan is a 2011 graduate of Ever-Increasing Word Training Center in Darrow, LA. He was inducted into Leroy Thompson Ministerial Association (LTMA) in 2009 and is now an active Master Vision Bearer in the Association.
As a Kingdom Builder, he not only builds physical structures but the Lord has so anointed him with such profound wisdom to build the lives of men. In the natural, he stands 5'4" but, in the Spirit as a Giant! He fashions himself in humble submission to the Lord's will. He also wears the favor of God that produces startling results of God's goodness in his life. Pastor Cowan's heart's desire is to see the body of Christ living life the way it was intended to be. 

Elect-Lady Linda Cowan

Our Leading Lady

The world was bountifully blessed, the kingdom of darkness was paralyzed and the saints were put on notice at the birth of the New Orleans, LA native on May 15, 1966, to a jubilant couple, Lorene Chapman and James Cal Seymore, Jr.
On December 17, 1983, marks a most memorable moment for Lady Linda as she became the wife of God's Ambassador, Pastor David A. Cowan. Meanwhile, as their Covenant marriage blossomed. Prince Gabriel came forth and Princess Tabitha followed.  The unquenchable fires of love and passion for more than 27 years continue to burn between this extraordinary couple. She skillfully managed holding down the home front, as she amassed graduation with an Executive Legal Degree from Spencer College in 1986.
As the Lord's anointed vessel , this multi-talented, multi-tasked virtuous woman displays exemplary leadership that has afforded her the blessed opportunity to serve in several capacities of ministry.
She accepted the Lord Jesus as her Savior and was baptized in the summer of 1980. Currently she lends her service and talents in many areas: She serves on the Board of Directors for Feasie Cowan Christian Academy founded in 2009-2011 by Pastor Cowan; Ever-Increasing Life Ministries Senior Administrator, she served as the Director for Power and Fire Youth Ministry 2000-2015 and the leading lady for EILM MSK Women Ministry, under which an extension of ministries was created: Daughters of Sarah (1 Peter 3:6), the E.L.I.T.E Women of God (Extraordinary Ladies Illuminating Through Excellence), She Xcels and the G.E.M. (God's Excellent Masterpiece) where she encourages, equips, teaches, and empowers women and young girls to know and understand who they are and who God has called them to be. Through much prayer, fasting and staying in the Lord's presence, she distinctively hears and obeys His voice.
Excellent women they are, she declares, as she encourages them to fulfill the call and destiny upon their lives namely through the Holy Scriptures found in Proverbs Chapter 31 and Psalms 139:14 being "...fearfully and wonderfully made."
Her declaration of Faith is:
We stand in amazement when we look upon the favor of God and His blessings to the women in Ever-Increasing Life. We recognize that we are blessed to be a blessing and we count it an honor to have the opportunity as well as the privilege to minister to the needs of women. We do, however, encourage your prayers for us as we continue to teach women how to be Extraordinary Ladies Illuminating Through Excellence.
Through many years of wisdom, Elect Lady Cowan mentors and provides guidance to those whose husbands are assisting Pastor Cowan with the fulfilling of the vision and the work of the ministry at Ever-Increasing Life.
A wife, the mother of two extraordinary children, Gabriel (Endrea) and Tabitha and the grandmother of three precious angels: Grace, Lyddia and Adonis.