Ever-Increasing Life Ministries

Giving with
a Cheerful Heart.

DACM's Holiday Heart is a Community Care Initiative which focuses on gifting those in need during the holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas. We know many struggled and continue to struggle as a result of the pandemic. Therefore, David A. Cowan Ministries gave birth to Holiday Heart. Through the power of love and the impact of monetary donations, we aim to continuously supply items from food to household goods, monetary gifts, and bill payments to those who need them.
At the start of Holiday Heart in December 2020, we accepted the nominations of families who needed help. We were able to help four (4) families by supplying gift baskets filled with household goods. The baskets housed toilet tissue, paper towels, cleaning products, laundry care products, socks, toothpaste, tooth brushes, tooth brush protectors, hand sanitizers, hand soap, body soap, and gloves.
Next year, 2021, and in the coming years, we aim to supply the needs of families in the hundreds and even thousands; however God chooses to lead us.
The goal for 2021 is to feed 100 families holiday meals. Every donation counts. Every hand of help is appreciated. To Volunteer, complete Volunteer Form located in our menu bar or click here. To Donate, simply click "Give" in the Menu Bar and select DACM>Outreach>Holiday Heart.
In advance, we say thanks for all you consider and all you do! Remember, in all your giving, give with a cheerful heart!
Holiday Heart Program 2020